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Sometimes a greasy, mayo-filled sub is just the thing you’re looking for. At Dinemore’s, their favorites seem to be the only thing everyone orders and with super (ful)filling, it stands the test of time and competing subs.


An established franchise around the world, Subway recently reached our shores. It’s more or less a do-it-yourself sub, where you can decide the bread, meat, veggie’s and sauces. It’s great if you want to experiment as most combo’s work come together nicely with the right sauces (Read: Honey Mustard!).


It’s a simple place and might be overlooked, but their chicken submarine and sea view is worth going for. There’s nothing that stands out but there’s nothing to complain about either, so it works for a quick bite- and that’s generally why you’d choose to eat a sub anyway.

Paan Paan

From the oven-baked bread to the vegetables that generously fill it up, everything about this is fresh. They now serve some delicious submarines, sandwiches and melts with a variety of breads, including sandwich bread, baguettes and ciabattas.


Panino finally found a home inside Cotton Collection and they still have their stall at the semiweekly Good Market. With their forte being sandwiches, they prepare some exceptional ones using tempting ingredients like garlic hummus, Nai Miris sauce and gooier-than-gooey cheese.

The Sandwich Factory

One of the first on the scene, they’ve expanded their menu and their outlets. From burgers, quesadillas and as the name suggests, sandwiches they ensure that everything has plenty of flavor and filling.

The Bread Company

Another one of the Good Market startups, The Bread Company now sells out of a deli in Thimbirigasaya. Prepared with German imported ingredients, they bake up a bunch of breads which are made with rye, malt and even wheat-free. The sandwich variety is limited to four options but their quality standards are top notch.

Sisira Bakers

Straying from the city zone, Sisira Bakers offers a basic submarine, burger and fast food menu. While their submarines are nothing to rave about, they seem to be less about the mayo and overdosed sauces and little more of the vegetables and meat, although a pure vegetable option is also available.

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Theepika Tharshan

You guys should write something on Veg places :)

Tharshan Venkadesan

I tried the Submarine from Fountain Cafe, in Union Place! (Keels Supermarket) and the taste is awesome!