The Dragon, Colombo Fort

07, Canal Row Road, Colombo Fort, (Colombo 01), Colombo

Restaurant Information

Serving Cuisines: Chinese

Price Range Approx Rs. 1,500 for two people.

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This is the latest outlet of Chinese Dragon in the Colombo Fort. The food is as good as the original. The Chinese Dragon Cafe is one of the oldest and most respected restaurant in Sri Lanka.


  • Airconditioned
  • Dine-In
  • Serves Halal Food
  • Family Friendly
  • Credit-Cards
  • Take-Away
  • Delivery Available
  • Parking Area
  • Live Performances
  • Smoking Area
  • Wifi Internet
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Pure-Vegetarian
  • Bar Available
  • Buffet
  • Happy Hours

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Editor's Review

The Dragon, Colombo Fort

This is a newly opened branch from Chinese Dragon Cafe, in Colombo Fort area.


Good place, This restaurant is located in a great environment, just near the back-side of Old Colombo Dutch Hospital. Good hygiene and indoor environment. The place looks clean and fresh.


The staffs are very friendly, serving the items on time, prompt and always around you. They know the menu items very well and suggested us some items to try, which was not bad! The menu looks clean and simple, which we liked lot.


The food taste is good, just the same as in any other Chinese Dragon branches. We tried some Vegetable fried rice and Chicken. Both were good in taste and quality.

Value For Money

The food portions are good value for money, but the prices are bit higher compared to other Chinese restaurants.


Good place, also thats from Chinese Dragon in this area!

Reviews (23) Recent Popular

Suresh Godakanda

This is just one more Chinese Dragon Cafe. I asked for pork and they said they do not serve pork there. Because of Halal. Okay that is not that bad. Up stairs space is much bigger. They have no nearby parking. Mostly crowded with people who work offices around the dutch hospital.

Anonymous User

This place is horrible. The staff kept serving things we didn't order and when we complained they took them back right out of our plates. Don't ever go there even if you starve to death.

thilinee Silva

The delivery sucks! Waited more than 1 and half hours for my dinner and still nothing. Called and cancelled. Who waits for almost 2 hours for their dinner. Ridiculous! The delivery guy says one thing and the office say another. Make sure to order during lunch if you want your dinner on time. Horrible service.

Dilanka Panamaldeniya

The delivery service is very disappointing. I made an order today at 8.15pm and they claimed to deliver within 45mins. At 9pm the delivery person calls me asking me for directions, claiming to deliver in 10mins.. I wait and wait nothing.. I call him again to see where he is he says im coming will be there in 10mins... the time now is 09.15pm.. I wait again and call at 09.25pm he is still at the fort branch claiming that he will deliver the food in 10mins.. frustrated with waiting I called the call center person and cancelled the order.. at 09.40 the delivery person shows up at my doorstep with the food and ends up shouting at his colleagues about telling me that he would deliver in 10mins and how he is here now and clearly angry about them not telling him the order got cancelled. Mind you I listened to him from inside my house.. he didnt even ring the bell.. 10mins later he calls me again asking for directions after clearly telling him where I live and after cancelling the order. Very patiently I told him that I've cancelled the order and hung up.. that is how bad their service is.. in the meantime after cancelling the order I made an order with pizza hut who delivered within 20mins exactly.. very disappointed with Chinese dragon.. I'm pretty sure im not the only person who has experienced this...

Anonymous User

I'm really impressed with Chinese Dragon's food these days! Their service and quality is very consistence and improving day by day.

The waiters are friendly, and the environment also very clean and calm.

I can recommend this place for anyone who need some really good Sri Lankan Chinese food!

Tharshan Venkadesan

Visited this place recently and the service is bit improved, and the upstairs looks awesome!

Ramji Sharma

went to the dragon today....the rice was good, hot butter mushroom was really awsome, devilled mushroom was below average and fried bean curd was not too bad.. wasnt a good meal at all...the portion value for money was ok....

Arjoonkanth Nagarajah

Went two times here, while its new.. Place is really spacious & good for dinning out with friends & family. Food is good, not the best since i had better, price is reasonable for the portion they serve not the taste. Well it can be improved i assume since this is a new place... Service is good they really do a good job, but last time i think its a bit too much i felt.

Easy drive to fort & next to dutch hospital. I really love the twin tower view at night, i would recommend you go on dine out. You will love the environment and of course the food.

Tharshan Venkadesan

This is one of the good Chinese dragons branch located in this area. Service is good too.

Venkadesan Akilan

One of the good place, The place is new so they give more care and quality than others.

2.2 / 5
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